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The Nexus Between Private Business and Tribal Nations


Sage Business Advisors (Sage) is the world leader in the marketing and sale of a wide variety of businesses to Tribal Nations. Indeed, Sage single-handedly created this unique niche service.

Selling a business to a Tribal Nation involves a navigating a myriad of legal, regulatory and tax considerations, among others. In addition, tribal ownership of your existing business creates unique competitive advantages for growth and profitability. Tribal ownership also facilitates access to capital and financial services.

Sage's unique expertise and experience in this market enables us to maximize value and create synergy between the selling business and the tribal acquirer. The principals of Sage have a combined experience of over 100 years in working professionally with Tribal Nations in Oklahoma and across the nation. We have developed a deep network of executive level contacts and relationships across Indian Country.

Whether your business is of a Middle Market size or is a Main Street business and you are considering selling, we strongly urge you to consider selling to a tribal nation. Sage is uniquely positioned to assist you to maximize the value of the purchase and sale transaction.

Sage will knowledgably guide you through the esoteric process of a sale to a Tribal Nation from the execution of our Engagement Agreement to the closing table. Sage also offers a suite of post-acquisition consulting services.


Whether your business is a small business (Main Street) or a larger business (Middle Market) or an enterprise level business, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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