“Would You Like to Maximize Your Company’s Value and Profits?”

If so, consider selling your company to a tribal nation.

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    • Fees vary from $1750 to $7500 per month depending on specifics to be determined.

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  • Preparation of Business Partner Information Profile for Tribal Review

  • Business Profile will be presented to a minimum of (2) Tribes per month.

  • If a potential synergistic Tribal Nation purchaser is identified Additional Merger & Acquisition Services are available for additional fee.

While you remain focused on the day-to-day operations, we identify, target and initiate discussions with potential Tribal Nation acquirers. The pool of tribes is large with over 574 federally recognized Tribes in United States. We go the extra mile in working with you to identify and target synergistic Tribal Nation purchasers.

Sage's unique expertise and experience in this market enables us to maximize value for the selling business. The principals of Sage have a combined experience of over 100 years in working professionally with Tribal Nations. We have developed a deep network of executive level contacts and relationships across Indian Country.

Selling a Business to a Tribal Nation involves navigating a myriad of legal, regulatory and tax considerations, among others. It can be a very complex process and understanding the unique governance and culture of each tribe can be a challenge. It is thus imperative that you retain an experienced and a proven firm such as Sage to guide and advise you through this complicated, sophisticated and intricate process.

Oftentimes when a tribe acquires a business the tribe desires to retain current management. Tribes recognize that they do not possess the unique experience and expertise of existing management. Accordingly, when business owners sell to a tribe they have the opportunity to remain in place and robustly grow the company by leveraging the many unique competitive advantages of tribal ownership. Fair and equitable management contracts provide a compelling opportunity for management to financially share in the company’s growth.

Tribal ownership of a business brings with it a host of unique competitive advantages. Perhaps foremost among those advantages is a general exemption from federal and state income taxes. In addition, tribal ownership gives the business an inside track to vendor relationships with a myriad of federal and state government agencies as well as the Fortune 1000. Also noteworthy is the possibility of regulatory relief for the business. Tribal ownership can facilitate access to capital and financial services.

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