Selling a company is an art

Selling a company is not gimme. It requires us to rollup our sleeves and undertake a tremendous amount of work, dedication, intensity and times. We go the extra mile to identify and target synergistic Tribal Nation purchasers. This is where much of the magic of the art of selling occurs. We go beyond the conventional to find a new home for Main Street and Middle Market companies where we can create new,  auspicious and unique competitive advantages for your company.

While you, our valued client, remain focused on the day-to-day operations, we identify, target and initiate discussions with potential Tribal Nation acquirers. We assist in negotiating various salient deal points and we close transactions smoothly and in a cost-efficient manner.

Our extensive experience and expertise, deal-making skills, financial analytical abilities and deep contacts with executive level decision makers, positions us at Sage to be uniquely qualified to knowledgably advise you and to facilitate the sale of your business to a Tribal Nation in a manner that achieves your goals and maximize wealth monetization.

While there is a set of rigorous and universally applied techniques and business principles involved in the sale of a business, effectively doing so and maximizing success is as much of an art as it is a science.

Selling a company is an art.

Goal Setting

At Sage we empower business owners to realize their goals and dreams. Some owners have short term goals of retirement. Other owners wish to continue to manage and operate the business but wish to open new markets, create new and unique competitive advantages over their peers.

Sage provides overall advice and guidance in working with you to formulate a plan to achieve your goals by means of successfully selling your company to a Tribal Nation.

Because your goals and dreams are paramount, we meet with you in a consultative fashion to articulate your goals in writing. These goals become the blueprint that guides and informs the entire sale/purchase process.

Sage then becomes your quarterback to expertly guide you through the entire process of confidently marketing your business to targeted Tribal purchasers and the process of ownership transfer so that you can be confident about every aspect of process.

Middle Market Transactions/Sell-Side Services

We uniquely fill the seller advising niche for middle market companies who have an intuitive sense of the value of selling to a Tribal Nation but otherwise lack and experience and expertise to effect such a sale. Few, if any, M&A firms can match the expertise of Sage. If your company is privately held with annual sales ranging from $10 million to $500 million or more, we can provide full scale services for a reasonable fee. We at Sage pride ourselves on keeping our fees miniscule in comparison with the overall deal value that we can help you achieve.

Business Valuations

Proper and appropriate valuation of your business is a paramount consideration for you as owner and for the Tribal Nation as buyer. Many business owners do not know the true value of their business. There are many factors that should be considered in determining a list price for a business.

Our experienced professionals can help you ask for a fair price that reflects the overall value of both your tangible and non-tangible business assets and your documented cash flow. Some business owners wish to avail themselves of the specialize expertise with a formal business valuation appraisal by qualified and certified third- party firms. In that event, we at Sage will work with such third-party firms.

Post-Acquisition Consulting Services

A number of our clients have sold their business to a Tribal Nation wherein an integral part of the financing package has involved an owner carryback note. Tribal Nations tend to prefer this arrangement for a variety of reasons including the retaining of experienced and qualified management as well as preserving liquidity to fund ambitious expansion plans.

However, many business owners have never worked closely with a Tribal Nation. They are thus not familiar with the unique competitive advantages that accrue to a business that is owned by a Tribal Nation. There are many such unique advantages. The scope of such advantages largely depends on the particular industry of the business as well as the unique aspects embedded in the post-acquisition business plan.

We at Sage stand ready to provide experienced and informed guidance as to how the newly acquired business can identify and maximize the value of such unique competitive advantages.

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